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Construction Worker Suffers Fatal Fall at Epcot Theme Park


Accidents at the theme parks of central Florida are the stuff of legend.  A motion sick man got out of his boat on Splash Mountain and was fatally struck by the next boat.  A boy lost a finger while disembarking from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  An alligator in a lagoon at a Disney resort ate a vacationing toddler.  A woman suffered a traumatic brain injury when an aggressive bird flew at her head as she walked across a dock to a ferry boat.  A child was struck in the chin by a mechanical arm on the Jurassic Park dinosaur egg scanner attraction.  The mishaps at the theme parks that make the best clickbait are the ones that could only happen in a surreal theme park world; the risk of getting hit by a dinosaur egg scanner robotic arm is practically zero if you avoid dinosaur-themed theme parks.  In fact, most accidents that take place at theme parks are of the kind that could happen anywhere, namely, workplace accidents.  Workers who get injured while working at theme parks are entitled to claim workers’ compensation and may need representation by a Florida workers’ compensation lawyer, just like anyone else injured at work.

SunBelt Rentals Employee Dies in Construction Accident at Disney’s Epcot

In March 2019, George Walter Dewayne Grimes, 58, of Winter Garden died in an accident at a construction site at the Epcot theme park, which is part of Walt Disney World in Orange County Florida.  Grimes was an employee of SunBelt Rentals, which the park’s management had hired for construction in the park.  Grimes was working at a construction site behind the France pavilion at the World Showcase area of Epcot.  News reports about the accident did not give many details about the nature of the work, but the France pavilion is one of the oldest areas of Epcot; it has been in continuous operation since the park opened in 1982.  The cause of Grimes’ death was a fall, but there have been no allegations of foul play.  Deputies from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office pronounced Grimes dead when they arrived at the scene of the accident.

The Legal Issues

Because Grimes died in a work-related accident, his family may file a claim for workers’ compensation death benefits.  These benefits cover funeral expenses and, if the deceased worker has minor children, they receive a weekly payment to replace the financial support they would have received from their deceased parent.  Grimes’ family might also file a premises liability lawsuit against Walt Disney World if there is evidence that the construction site was inherently unsafe or improperly maintained.  Premises liability lawsuits require the plaintiff to prove that there was negligence, but workers’ compensation claims do not.

Reach Out to Us Today for Help

If you have lost a family member in a work accident, and the employer is only offering to pay the bare minimum in death benefits, a workers’ compensation lawyer can help.  Contact the Sunrise workers’ compensation lawyers at Law Offices of David M. Benenfeld for a consultation.


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