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Cases Of Florida Nursing Home Sexual Abuse

I cannot even begin to fathom anyone bringing harm to my grandmother.

As parents, sons and daughters, we are incredibly protective and inclined to defend our children against danger. But if anyone was to bring danger to one of our parents, or worse our grandparents, I can only imagine the sense of fury and injustice that I would feel.

Elder abuse is on the rise as our nation’s elderly is becoming the largest segment of our population – more specifically, sexual abuse among the elderly who live in nursing homes.  Florida elder abuse is devastating hundreds of vulnerable senior citizens as well as worldwide.

Types of Elderly Sexual Abuse Cases:

  1. Sexual Abuse Between Residents – In many sexual abuse nursing home cases, residents assault another resident. Nursing homes are required to provide adequate supervision so that sexual abuse does not occur between residents. In the case that a resident is sexually abused by another resident, the family should immediately seek legal action so that their loved one is secured in a safe environment. A Florida elder abuse attorney can file negligence against the nursing home.

  2. Sexual Abuse by a Stranger – Nursing homes are required to provide a secure and safe environment for their residents. There have been frequent cases of strangers entering unlocked nursing home facilities, and sexually assaulting a resident.

  3. Sexual Abuse by Family Member – When a nursing home resident’s spouse comes to visit, they may want to have sexual relations. However, if the resident does not have the mental capacity to give consent for the sexual act, then it is considered sexual abuse. Often, the case is not reported, because the employee decides that it is permissible since the couple is married.

If you suspect that a loved one has been sexually abused in a Florida nursing home, contact the Law Offices of David Benenfeld for a free legal consultation. Call 954-677-0155.

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