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Broward County’s Top 3 Elder Scams

While news headlines flash obvious and shocking forms of elder abuse, financial exploitation can be just as harmful to aging adults. When your loved one becomes an imposter’s next casualty, it suddenly gets personal. Florida’s unsuspecting aging older adults are especially preyed upon within nursing homes. Since senior citizens control over 70% of our nation’s wealth, immense consequences may result from their financial exploitation. Elder financial abuse may easily occur anywhere, but is especially common within Broward County nursing homes.

One of the most familiar forms of elder financial abuse is when a person or entity tries to “con” a senior citizen. Many don’t realize that the term “con scam” comes from the root word confidence, as in scamming the confidence of an innocent victim. For multiple reasons, nursing home residents are attractive to fraudsters. Whether partially deaf, blind, weak, ill, or mentally incompetent, senior citizens are certainly prone to financial exploitation, especially by use of deceitful telemarketing.

Broward County’s Top 3 Elder Scams

1.    Congratulations You Won Big!

Carefully worded legal looking documents, sweepstakes, investment earnings, and countless prize announcements are especially luring to nursing home residents. While the bold, colorful, large font may attract an aging reader at first, the fine print is usually printed in smaller italics. Innocent elderly may mail away checks but fail to remember that they never received their winnings.

2.    Let’s Talk!

Bored nursing home residents don’t let the phone ring to voicemail. They’re prone to pick up and enjoy a friendly conversation without cognizance that they are being scammed into giving away their confidential information (Social Security number, date of birth, and other financials) in return for “guaranteed” something or other.

3.    Be a Giver!

Another form of financial exploitation via telemarketing to seniors is when they are pressured to give to amazing charities that don’t exist. These telemarketers know how to hone in on wealthy retirees. Finding a senior citizen’s soft spot isn’t anything short of difficult; whether it be starving children, religious books, world-wide disasters, or political campaigns. Others claim affiliation with large brokers who can promise incredible investment opportunities.
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