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Ban Cell Phones Behind The Wheel And Support National Driving Safety Week

In the effort to bring more attention to the dangers of driving while talking on a cell phone, the National Safety Council (NSC) has named the fifth week of National Safety Month “On the Road, Off the Phone.” The week of June 26-30 is focusing on cell phone use and its relation to motor vehicle accidents in Florida and throughout the rest of the nation.

The NSC indicates that one out of four motor vehicle crashes involve cell phone use. Although most drivers know that talking on cell phones while driving is dangerous, about two out of every three drivers admit to talking on their cell phones while driving.

Why is talking on cell phones while driving in Florida so dangerous?

Cell phone use can lead to distracted driving. When a driver’s attention is not on driving, or their hands are not on the wheel there is a disconnect with the road, which may lead to a Florida car accident. Safe driving is when a driver can focus their undivided attention on the road, keep their eyes on the cars around them, and hands on the wheel at all times.

When drivers are splitting their focus on two activities – driving and using a cell phone – it’s no wonder why wrecks occur. The brain is switching back and forth between two tasks and it cannot process all of the information. Sometimes, only a small portion of information is seen, which is why so many drivers do not see the red light or stop sign when they are using their cell phones. Pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents and car crashes in Florida and throughout the U.S. result due to negligence of the distracted driver behind the wheel.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Although texting while driving is dangerous, talking on the cell phone while driving can be just as dangerous, if not more. The NSC claims that 2% of accidents involve texting while driving, but 21% of wrecks are attributed to cell phone conversations including hands-free and handheld cell phones.

The numbers also indicate that 9% of driver are talking on their cell phones while driving at any given time, and that 0.6% of drivers are visibly using handheld devices from behind the wheel.

In order to keep our roads safe, do not use your cell phone while driving on Florida roads. If you have been in a Fort Lauderdale car accident due to another driver who was using their cell phone from behind the wheel, please call a qualified personal injury lawyer in South Florida to find out your rights today.

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