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Fort Lauderdale Workers' Compensation Lawyer > Blog > Slip and Fall: Premises Liability > Are You The Victim Of A Ft. Lauderdale Slip And Fall?

Are You The Victim Of A Ft. Lauderdale Slip And Fall?

ou might not think of Ft. Lauderdale as a place where many slip and fall accidents would happen. There aren’t normally problems with icy sidewalks and such. However, many slip and fall claims are filed with insurance companies and courts every single year. They can be caused by something as simple as a grocery store that fails to put out a wet floor sign after it’s been mopped. These types of accidents can also occur because of improperly installed carpeting and other flooring, items that are lying around, or even doormats that get bunched up.

Lots of times, a Ft. Lauderdale slip and fall isn’t a big deal. You may just fall down and laugh at yourself or feel embarrassed. Later, you’ll have a funny story to reenact for friends and family. Sometimes, though, this type of accident can be very serious. It can cause real injury, such as broken arms and legs or even major head injuries.

When these types of accidents occur, they bring in major medical expenses and maybe even missed time at work. For this reason, many who suffer from these sorts of accidents end up having to file claims against negligent companies or homeowners to cover their medical expenses and other related expenses. If you’ve suffered injuries because of a slip and fall type accident, you may need to consult a lawyer about getting recompense for your pain and suffering as well as for your medical expenses that obviously must be paid in some way or another.

When choosing a lawyer to handle your Ft. Lauderdale slip and fall claim, make sure that you’re working with someone who’s experienced and ready to go the extra mile for you. This will help you get your claim taken care of more quickly and easily.

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