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Anxiety Disorder Symptoms And Social Security Benefits

A certain amount of worry is good once in a while. After all, concern can be a great motivator for change. But individuals who deal with chronic worry don’t feel motivated, but rather debilitated by their severe anxiety.

Most people don’t realize how common it is. Anxiety Disorder consumes almost one-third of our nation’s mental health budget. Almost 20% of Americans have been diagnosed with one form of Anxiety Disorder or another.

That means that we are a country that in a large part has grown accustomed to a certain degree of anxiety, and the complications that go along with it. Many residents in South Florida are overwhelmed by the devastating toll that Anxiety Disorder can take on their everyday lives.

Anxiety Disorder Symptoms

Constant worrying over the big and little things

  • Frequently feeling edgy, keyed-up, twitchy
  • Sweating, nausea, diarrhea
  • Difficulty sleeping and feeling fatigued
  • Irritability and restlessness

Florida residents diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder may find it comforting to know that Social Security disability assistance is available to individuals whose inability to function impacts their job performance. Social Security will need to determine if in fact the Anxiety Disorder is impacting the individual’s ability to work. This part of the process can be very difficult to prove. In this case, it will be helpful for a qualified Social Security disability attorney to help process your case.

People diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder may continue to try to work, even when it’s beyond their ability, only because they don’t realize that Social Security benefits are available to them. If you have Anxiety Disorder and are unable to work you may be eligible for Social Security benefits in South Florida.

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