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5 Signs of a Punctured Lung Resulting from a South Florida Car Accident

When blunt force trauma to the chest occurs, it can cause many different injuries including broken ribs and complications with lungs, resulting in a punctured lung. This injury can not only impair breathing, but it can also be very painful. If a rib is broken and a lung is punctured, chances are that a victim may have sustained more life-threatening injuries in the violent South Florida car accident.

It is important to seek medical attention immediately if you believe you suffered a punctured lung. Symptoms of punctured lungs include:

  1. Chest Pain – pain can be dull or sharp depending on the injury.

  2. Cough – the start of a dry cough can be a sign of a punctured lung.

  3. Trouble Breathing – rapid breathing or shortness of breath are signs of a punctured lung due to the limited lung function and capacity.

  4. Weak Pulse – people with a punctured lung sometimes experience a weakened pulse.

  5. Cyanotic – some people with punctured lungs start turning blue due to difficulty breathing and falling oxygen levels in the blood.

Sometimes after a South Florida car crash there are no immediate symptoms of a punctured lung.  It is important to remember that symptoms can sometimes develop slowly which include shortness of breath, a new persistent cough, and an increased heart rate. If you have any of these symptoms or any slight feeling of pain, you need to get to the doctor as soon as possible.

If you suffered internal injuries, such as a punctured lung in a South Florida car crash due to a negligent driver, you may have rights to financial compensation. Feel free to call a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer at the Law Offices of David Benenfeld in Fort Lauderdale at 954-677-0155 for free legal advice today.

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