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5 Mobile Phone Apps That Will Help Your Teen Driver Stay Focused On The Road

In a world where texting and driving has become a frequent cause of car accidents, it’s difficult not to worry when your teen driver is behind the wheel. Luckily there are mobile phone apps designed to help your teen driver stay focused while on the road. Image

  • Dangers of Distracted Driving: Use this app as a way to teach your children about distracted driving BEFORE your teen gets behind the wheel. The app explores several scenarios of distracted driving and shows your teen the consequences of not focusing on the road, including the “Kill Zone.”

  • Safe Driver: Ideal for new drivers, this app monitors your teen’s location and driving practices. You will be alerted if your teen goes over a specific speed, as well as other areas you and your teen need to work on.

  • TextArrest: TextArrest can sense when the car is going fast than 5 mph. It will then lock the screen of the smartphone, preventing your teen from sending or reading texts and emails.

  • ZoomSafer: ZoomSafer limits your teen’s cell phone usage, including texting, calling, browsing and emailing. You can allow calls from a specific contact list, just in case there is an emergency.

  • Key2SafeDriving: This app restricts your teen’s cell phone use whiles the car is running. When your teen receives a text message, the app will send an automated response. You can control the app using a password and receive an alert if your teen attempts to bypass the device.

Make sure your teen is using these mobile phone apps while on the road because it is always better to be safe than sorry.

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